At Griddlers Café our motto is “Simply Better.” We serve great breakfasts all day and folks tell us that our biscuits and gravy are the best in town! We have a wide variety of Double Cheeseburgers including the new Firehouse Jack with Pepperjack cheese and the new BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger. Our Jalapeno Hangover is a real favorite with jalapenos, bacon, cheese and a made to order egg! Our goal is to keep things “simple”, and to always strive to be “better” at what we do. Our goal is better burgers, better breakfasts, better sandwiches and better service!

The name Griddlers Café says a lot about what we do. The “griddle” is the heart of our cook line. It is hard working and dependable. The griddle is where we cook our golden brown pancakes, hashbrowns, juicy hamburgers and tasty grilled sandwiches. But griddling isn’t the only thing we do! We have a nice line of deli-style sandwiches and a great selection of home made soups. Our “Firehouse Chili” is made from scratch with our own unique blend of eight different spices. We grind our special blend of Arabica coffee beans fresh for every pot.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your experience at Griddlers Café and become a regular friend. “Simply Better” sums up our philosophy. There is a delicate balance between high quality, tasty food and quick, friendly service. We hope you’ll find just that at Griddlers Café.


See you soon!

Don and Robb Hensiak, Founders



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